Frequently asked questions

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Why are the rates calculated by night and not per day?

Most campgrounds have a checkout time of 11:00 am.  If we charged per day, you would be charged for a day that you aren't actually using the RV.  There is also about a half day of non use for the first day of your rental for arrival and setup etc. Charging by night, actually saves you about one full day off your bill!



What other equipment will I need if I'm towing the RV myself?

If you chose to tow yourself, you will need a vehicle that has a towing capacity large enough to pull the selected RV, (check with your dealer) a class III or greater hitch, a basic electronic brake controller and a standard 7 pin flat blade style connector. You will also need a ball mount and weight distribution for the weight of the trailer selected if needed.  ( All units except Pop-Ups)

What other amenities are supplied as part of the rental of the RV?

We supply the fully functioning RV,  free delivery/setup of the RV within 100 miles* of our location as well as a full walk through & orientation of the RV on the day of your arrival as part of your rental package. Amenities like towels, bedding, dishes, firewood, food utensils, pots and pans etc., are not included but can be added to any rental package for a small additional charge. Check with your rental agent with your specific needs and we will be happy to supply you with a quote for anything you need to make your stay comfortable!

Why is there a 7 night minimum for "Prime Season Dates"

Prime season starts in June and runs through August. During those months, we have a 7 night minimum for all our rental packages. During this time, most families have scheduled a one week vacation with their families while the kids are out of school, so we reserve the RVs for family vacations during those time periods.  April-May and September - November, we have a 3 night minimum only.

Why is a rental security deposit required?

Rental security deposits are required as part of any rental package. Typically $350.00 if we do delivery and $500.00 if you are towing yourself.  This is to cover any potential damages that occur during the rental period above and beyond normal wear and tear during use. This deposit is refunded within 48 hours of your return of the RV provided it is in good condition and has not been damaged or abused during use beyond normal wear and tear. 

What is the age requirement for renting with you?

Rentals are limited to persons 25 years or older with a valid drivers license, current valid insurance, and registration. Persons 21-24 might be considered on a case by case basis with a small additional security deposit. (Contact us on this for additional questions or for a specific request)

What kind of hookups do I need when I reserve my campsite?

When reserving your campsite, it is best to reserve a site with  full hookups for the best camping experience. Even though the RVs are equipped with batteries, liquid propane gas, limited sewer capacity and water supplies, its best to have electricity, water and sewer connections to extend the capacities of the on-board systems for the length of your stay. Electricity keeps the batteries charged & on-board appliances , lights working continually without interruption from a low battery condition. Water and sewer connections allow a continual water supply as well as waste removal from the RV eliminating the need for excessive conservation worries of these resources. Hookups allow for an unlimited camping duration whereas dry camping without hookups will limit your stay to a limited number of days comfortably based on your ability to conserve the onboard resources. 

Do you allow smoking in your RVs?

No, smoking is strictly prohibited in all of our units. We have a large customer base of non smokers and we like to keep the units smoke free for those who do not smoke or have smoke sensitivity. Vaping however is allowed in our units because there is no long term residual smells or risk of fire on-board the RVs. Units that have been found to have been smoked in after a rental will automatically cause any and all deposits to be kept without refund. 

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we understand pets are an important part of the family and  want to be included in your vacation plans. We do require an additional security deposit of $150.00, refundable at the end of your rental provided the RV is in good condition beyond usual wear and tear. For the safety of your pet, we recommend customers do not leave pets unattended in the RV.

Do I need to know my campsite information prior to reserving? 

No! As long as we have your campsite information a few days prior to delivery you're fine! We understand that some campgrounds are not open during the winter months so knowing your exact space isn't always possible months in advance. However, by reserving your RV with us in advance, you're locking in its availability for your vacation until you know your full campsite information. We do not carry an infinite amount of units and most prime dates are filled months in advance. It is recommended you reserve with us as soon as you can to ensure guaranteed availability. 

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