At Rolling Home RV we understand the value of the time with your family and work hard to ensure your vacation is truly stress free. We include many of the convenience items other RV rental companies don't offer or charge extra for.

When you arrive you'll find your RV fully set-up, awning open, patio mat and chairs waiting, and a liquid propane BBQ grill connected and ready. Your sewer and electrical hookups will be connected (if your site is equipped), your refrigerator will be on and ready for your camping snacks, and the RV full of water, propane and full charged for your vacation convenience.

We will meet you at your site at the time of your arrival to do a full walk through and orientation on the RV's operation with you so you have a full understanding of how the RV works and feel confident before we leave. We are also on call 24/7 for any questions you make have during your rental.

Lets take a closer look at the equipment included in every rental package!


All of our rental packages include a manual patio awning which covers your campsite to provide shade and rain protection.


The awning can be left opened or closed depending on weather conditions and desired campsite comfort. The awning covers the entire campsite area and range from 12-14' wide which provides plenty of coverage and weather protection for your entire family!

Patio awnings are standard with every rental package from Rolling Home RV!


All of our rental packages include a large patio mat to compliment the included patio awning!

Patio mats provide ground cover for your campsite helping to keep dirt, sand or mud from getting the interior your RV dirty during your stay. The included patio mats range in length from 12-14' covering the ground of your entire campsite patio area which is plenty of space for your chars, cooler or other campsite accessories!

Patio mats are standard with every rental package from Rolling Home RV!


All of our rental packages include 4 comfortable and functional camping chairs! These chairs are durable, wide and comfortable and include a handy pop up snack tray and accessory pocket for bug spray, camp lighters, remote control or any other small item you wish to stow while your relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.


Camping chairs are standard with every rental package from Rolling Home RV!


All of our rental packages include a propane BBQ Grill! These handy exterior grills are great for grilling burgers, dogs or even breakfast! They work off of the onboard propane system of the RV so there is no need for messy charcoal or lighter fluids. Just light and cook, no hassle!

BBQ grills are standard with every rental package from Rolling Home RV!


All of our rental packages include a mini vacuum to help you keep the RV clean during your stay! As every camper knows, no matter how hard you try, sand, pine needles and the random crawly critter will find its way into your living space.

Mini vacuums are standard with every rental package from Rolling Home RV!


All of our rental packages include both upgraded dual propane and battery packages.

As every camper knows, RVing is a game of conservation. Conserving water, propane, battery power are all essential to ensure and comfortable camping experience. Rolling Home RV includes upgraded dual batteries and dual propane tanks to ensure you have plenty of power and propane for the duration of your stay whether its just 3 nights or a full week, we've got you covered!

Dual batteries and dual propane tanks are standard with every rental package from Rolling Home RV!


All of our rental packages include full setup of all the above items before the time of your arrival!

At Rolling Home RV, we truly try to take the hassle and headache out of renting an RV for your families vacation. When you arrive, we have everything set up, leveled and operational for you. When you arrive, your refrigerator will be cold, your awning open, your chairs set and ready, your BBQ hooked up and ready to cook, your beds clean and ready, water full and batteries fully charged. You simply arrive drop your bags and begin to relax. We know this time with family is limited and we strive to make sure its truly and enjoyable and a relaxing hassle free experience.

Full setup is standard with every rental package from Rolling Home RV!


All of our rental packages include interior floor runners in high traffic areas!

Interior floor runners are great because they provide a soft carpet feel while walking around the RV. Runners also trap sand and debris that gets dragged into the RV during your rental stay which makes cleanup a breeze with your included dust buster vacuum ... yes dust busters are standard as well!

Interior floor runners are standard with every rental package from Rolling Home RV!

Lets face it, time together with our loved ones is short and hard to come by anymore.  These moments away together are priceless and rare. That's why we go out of our way to make sure your vacation goes smooth and seamless. We truly want you and your family to make memories together to last a lifetime and we are honored to be a small part of that.


Thank you for reading and considering Rolling Home RV for your families next RV Camping Adventure!



Rolling Home RV offers a variety of add-ons to help families have the most enjoyable camping experience possible. 


Even though all of our RVs are 90% self contained and make for a great camping experience by themselves, a generator can be a handy item to have on extended stays. Not only will a generator provide power for your microwave, air conditioner and interior house 110V outlets, it also will recharge the onboard  house batteries to make extended vacations more comfortable.

Duel Fuel Generator & Propane - $10.00/Day + $100.00 Refundable Security Deposit


What camping experience would be complete without the ambiance of a campfire? Whether you want to roast marshmallows with the kids or wind down after a fun filled day, firewood and kindling is a camping must. If you want to skip the hassle of bringing your own, we've got you covered.

Firewood & Kindling bundle - $10.00/Bundle


Though we include fully charged dual batteries on every RV, solar panels provide a continuous trickle charge to those batteries to replace the electricity you use to ensure you have plenty of power during your vacation when hookups are not available.

100w Solar Panel Charger  - $25.00/rental